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Starflower Plant - Live Plant in a 4 Inch Pot - Stapelia Schinzii - Beautiful Indoor Outdoor Cacti Succulent Houseplant Exotic Blooms

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    The Stapelia schinzii is a small, enchanting plant with a sprawling habit, primarily known for its striking flowers and unique stem appearance. Originating from the challenging environments of southern Africa, this plant has adapted to survive with minimal water and in the harsh sun. Its stems, typically green with a tinge of purple, make it a visually appealing addition to any collection. The flowers of Stapelia schinzii are truly remarkable, featuring a star-shaped appearance with a textured surface. They are known for emitting a distinct odor, which naturally attracts pollinators.

    • Stapelia schinzii enjoys the morning sun but requires protection from the harsh midday and afternoon sun, which can scorch its stems. A location that receives partial shade during the hottest parts of the day is ideal, especially in summer.
    • The perfect soil mix for this succulent should mimic its natural, rocky habitat. A blend of standard succulent potting soil with added mineral grit (pumice, perlite, or coarse sand) ensures excellent drainage and aeration.
    • Watering should be done judiciously. During the active growing season (spring to fall), allow the soil to completely dry out between waterings. In winter, reduce watering significantly to mimic the plant's natural dormancy period, watering only once every few weeks to prevent the soil from completely desiccating.
    • Stapelia schinzii is best suited to warm climates and does not tolerate frost. If you live in a cooler region, it's essential to bring your plant indoors during the winter months. While it can adapt to low humidity levels, maintaining moderate humidity will support healthier growth.
    • Given its striking appearance and modest size, Stapelia schinzii is perfect for container gardening. It can be a centerpiece in a succulent arrangement or grown solo in a pot to accentuate its unique beauty.

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    "Came in perfect condition--thank you!"


    "Amazing Plants! I was so happy to see these way larger than the plants pictured because I know how slow most cycads grow."


    "This is the first time I've ever ordered plants online, so I had no idea what to expect. When I saw the description of 'comes in a 4" growers' pot' I figured I'd be getting some fairly small plants--nope! The bamboo palms were fully 2' tall from root to top leaf, and perfectly healthy. All 5 plants were VERY well secured in their box, to the point that the bottom layer was even spray-foamed to the cardboard! I couldn't ask for a better experience and I'm so excited to see these plants grow. Five stars!"


    "Thrilled with my purchase! This seller went above any beyond! The packaging was very careful, the plants are so much bigger than I expected, and I was given more than what was depicted in the item description. 10/10 all round!"


    "This is SO BEAUTIFUL! Packaging was perfect and efficient, plant was in excellent condition. I'm in love with this plant and I will definitely order more."