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Pickle Plant Senecio - Live Plants in 4 Inch Pots - Senecio Stapeliiformis - Beautiful Indoor Outdoor Cacti Succulent Houseplant

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    Senecio stapeliiformis, also known as the Pickle Plant, is a succulent perennial plant that is native to South Africa. It has pencil-like stems that can grow up to 10 inches tall and 0.8 inches across. The stems are bluish-green with dark green markings and tiny white spines. The Pickle Plant is a slow-growing plant that can reach up to 10 inches tall and remains upright long term. It needs several hours of direct sun a day and for its soil to dry completely between waterings.

    • Immerse your living space in the allure of the Senecio Stapeliiformis, a captivating succulent hailing from the Eastern Cape in South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. Also known as the Pickle Cactus or Candle Plant, its striped, cylindrical stems, adorned with tiny spines, make it a unique and visually stunning addition to your indoor garden.
    • Revel in the joy of cultivating a plant that craves sunlight! Senecio Stapeliiformis succulents adore bright sunlight, making them perfect companions for those in hot climates. In cooler regions, ensure they bask in full sunlight. These resilient plants detest hot or cold drafts, providing an ideal solution for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.
    • Experience the satisfaction of caring for a succulent that thrives on minimal watering. With the ability to store water in their foliage, Senecio Stapeliiformis plants resist drought effortlessly. Avoid overwatering, as it may cause their leaves to explode. Simply let the roots dry completely before the next watering. Watch for visual cues – wrinkled or pruned leaves signal it's time to hydrate, making care a breeze.
    • Create the perfect environment for growth with well-drained, sandy soil. Maintain a neutral pH between 6 and 7 for optimal results. Whether planted in a pot or in the ground, a regular cactus mix or fast-draining succulent mix provides the foundation for flourishing Senecio Stapeliiformis plants. Elevate their growth with ease.
    • Embrace the versatility of Senecio Stapeliiformis as it thrives in USDA hardiness zones 9 to 12. Tolerant of heat, these succulents, however, seek shelter from cold weather. Ensure their well-being by bringing them indoors during winter. Vigilance against mealybugs and scales is essential, with occasional treatment using insecticidal soap or neem oil.

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    "Came in perfect condition--thank you!"


    "Amazing Plants! I was so happy to see these way larger than the plants pictured because I know how slow most cycads grow."


    "This is the first time I've ever ordered plants online, so I had no idea what to expect. When I saw the description of 'comes in a 4" growers' pot' I figured I'd be getting some fairly small plants--nope! The bamboo palms were fully 2' tall from root to top leaf, and perfectly healthy. All 5 plants were VERY well secured in their box, to the point that the bottom layer was even spray-foamed to the cardboard! I couldn't ask for a better experience and I'm so excited to see these plants grow. Five stars!"


    "Thrilled with my purchase! This seller went above any beyond! The packaging was very careful, the plants are so much bigger than I expected, and I was given more than what was depicted in the item description. 10/10 all round!"


    "This is SO BEAUTIFUL! Packaging was perfect and efficient, plant was in excellent condition. I'm in love with this plant and I will definitely order more."