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Philodendron Ring of Fire - Live Starter Plants in 2 Inch Pots - Exotic and Rare Indoor Houseplant - A Kaleidoscope of Colors

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    Indulge in the captivating beauty of the Philodendron Ring of Fire - an exotic masterpiece that weaves a tale of colors and elegance. Its slow growth rewards your patience, culminating in a majestic climbing wonder up to 8 feet tall. Embrace the ease of care and celebrate the fusion of red, orange, white, and cream hues adorning its jagged leaves. With optimal light, moisture, and pruning, the Philodendron Ring of Fire transforms your space into a harmonious sanctuary of botanical brilliance. Elevate your collection with this tropical treasure - a true emblem of nature's resplendent artistry.

    • A Fusion of Nature's Beauty: Behold the stunning Philodendron Ring of Fire, a climbing wonder adorned with jagged leaves and a mesmerizing blend of red, orange, white, and cream colors. This tropical treasure, believed to be a hybrid of Philodendron Wendleandii and Philodendron Tortum, captivates with its attention-grabbing foliage. Its lush, large leaves, reaching up to 24 inches in length, unfurl like works of art, pointing upwards with curled edges.
    • Slow-Growing Elegance: Patience is rewarded with the Ring of Fire Philodendron, as its slow growth adds to the anticipation of its full splendor. Standing tall at up to 8 feet, this climbing marvel flourishes in containers or hanging baskets, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Embrace the joy of watching it unfurl and thrive, becoming a true centerpiece in your collection.
    • A Perfect Companion for Beginners: Embrace the ease of caring for the Philodendron Ring of Fire, making it an ideal choice for novice houseplant collectors. Provide it with plenty of bright indirect sunlight and maintain optimal moisture levels, and it will reward you with its stunning colors and vibrant growth. This resilient plant is eager to shine and brings an aura of elegance to any setting.
    • A Symphony of Care: Ensure the Ring of Fire Philodendron receives the care it deserves. Place it in well-draining soil, enriched with a moss pole for added support. Fertilize it bimonthly during its growing season, with a liquid houseplant fertilizer following label instructions. Water it when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry, adjusting the frequency based on growing conditions. It will thrive in temperatures between 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit and average indoor humidity.
    • A Pruning Ritual: Embrace the art of periodic pruning to maintain the splendor of your Philodendron Ring of Fire. Gently remove any discolored, dead, or diseased foliage with clean shears, allowing the plant to flourish with new growth. For a uniform appearance and vibrant vitality, consider pruning back the plant as it continues to enchant your space.

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    "Came in perfect condition--thank you!"


    "Amazing Plants! I was so happy to see these way larger than the plants pictured because I know how slow most cycads grow."


    "This is the first time I've ever ordered plants online, so I had no idea what to expect. When I saw the description of 'comes in a 4" growers' pot' I figured I'd be getting some fairly small plants--nope! The bamboo palms were fully 2' tall from root to top leaf, and perfectly healthy. All 5 plants were VERY well secured in their box, to the point that the bottom layer was even spray-foamed to the cardboard! I couldn't ask for a better experience and I'm so excited to see these plants grow. Five stars!"


    "Thrilled with my purchase! This seller went above any beyond! The packaging was very careful, the plants are so much bigger than I expected, and I was given more than what was depicted in the item description. 10/10 all round!"


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