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Okinawa Spinach - Live Starter Plants - Gynura Crepioides - Grow Your Own Vegetables and Fruit in The Garden or Patio

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Okinawa spinach grows in dense clusters on stalks that can grow up to 70 centimeters tall and form a bushy habit. Pruning the plant keeps it low to the ground and encourages growth. The elongated leaves have slightly toothed edges and are bright, shiny green on top and deep purple on the undersides. Young leaves and shoots may have a purple tinge. Okinawa spinach has a crisp, succulent texture and offers a nutty flavor with hints of pine. Okinawa spinach is a perennial green, botanically classified as Gynura crepioides or G. procumbens. It is a member of the Asteraceae or sunflower family and is unrelated to common spinach. In China it is cultivated as a vegetable and is commonly referred to as Hong tsoi or Okinawa lettuce. It is both nutritious and visually appealing, making it a popular back yard plant for container gardening or flower beds. Okinawa spinach thrives in warm, wet conditions, but it doesn’t like soggy soil, so plant it in a well-drained spot. Space plants about 1-2’ apart if growing in the garden. They will eventually form a groundcover if you let them but can also be trimmed or pruned to stay as separate plants.

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