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Desert Rose Plant - Live Starter Plant - Adenium Obesum - Dramatic Drought Tolerant Cactus Succulent

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    Adenium desert rose plants are perfect specimens for the intrepid or novice gardener. These East African and Arabian natives are wonderful in the interior container garden or as warm climate additions to the patio display. Caring for desert rose plants requires a full sun location and well-drained soil. Properly mimicking their native regional conditions will garner plenty of rose-like blooms on an architectural marvel of a plant. Desert rose is a low-maintenance succulent that produces dozens of trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of pink, rose, or white in the summer. Like many succulents, it needs conditions that are bright, warm, and dry. Desert rose (Adenium obesum) and its many hybrids are often seen in retail garden centers. Flowers average 2–3 inches in diameter and may be single, double, or even triple. To maintain the profuse flowering, the plants must six hours or more of bright light each day. Desert rose makes a dramatic specimen for a deck or patio but since it's sensitive to temperatures below 40 degrees, it’s usually grown in containers that can be brought inside for winter. South Florida gardeners can grow this as a small shrub.

    • A Living Work of Art: Discover the mesmerizing allure of the Desert Rose (Adenium obesum), a masterpiece of nature's artistry. This slow-growing wonder, boasting a mere 12 inches of growth per year, is reminiscent of a patient sculptor crafting a masterpiece over time. As an embodiment of patience and grace, the Desert Rose is the ideal choice for bonsai enthusiasts seeking a living canvas to nurture and shape.
    • Elegance in Every Detail: Immerse yourself in the delicate beauty of the Desert Rose's slender leaves and sumptuous, deep pink trumpeting flowers. Native to Africa, the Middle East, and Madagascar, this botanical gem carries the essence of exotic lands and distant horizons. Each intricate petal unfolds like a precious gem, radiating an aura of elegance that transforms any space into a sanctuary of tranquility.
    • Versatility Redefined: Embrace the Desert Rose's versatile spirit, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Flourishing under the sun's caress, this succulent masterpiece adds a touch of nature's poetry to your garden, gracing your landscape with its arresting presence. For those in cooler climes, cherish the Desert Rose's charm indoors, a beacon of warmth and vitality amid frosty winters.
    • Blossoms of Diversity: The Desert Rose stands as a testament to nature's ingenuity, being the only Adenium to undergo extensive hybridization for a kaleidoscope of flower colors. From vibrant pinks to passionate reds and every shade in between, witness the Desert Rose's blossoms evolving into a symphony of hues, a living testament to the magic of botanical diversity.
    • Gentle Care, Bountiful Rewards: Nurturing the Desert Rose is an exquisite journey of mindful care. Like a cherished friend, it thrives on carefully managed water, basking in abundant sunlight, and relishing in the warmth of your touch. With its natural affinity for warm temperatures, it blooms fervently during summer, adorning itself with vivid flowers and lush foliage, only to take a graceful rest during winter, shedding its blooms and leaves in preparation for a stunning rebirth.

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